Photo Expert

Margaret Morales

Responsible for our Sales direction, Jerry knows everything about Synergeer and our products.
Head support

Evan Carroll

The outstanding leader who takes care of all non-standard situations, Russel Lowe is the most fair director.
Sales manager

Jerry Morrison

This charming and talented lady can handle the most difficult problem! She confidently leads us to success.

Emily Davidson

Edwin knows about programming everyhting and even more! He resolves all the computer issues in a moment.

Duane Hughes

All projects under Duane’s leadership were super successful and helped the company to achieve great results.

Russell Lower

We’re happy Emily is a part of our team. She has an endless imagination and great design skills to create websites.

Eunice Pittman

We value Evan at the highets level, because with his coming our Support department have gained a true leader.

Edwin Torres

No doubt that our photos will always be top-notch as Margaret is the one who is in charge of this process.